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NatuEco Farming - Overview

Natueco Science is all about harvesting the sunlight using farming as a medium to do that. The focus is on energy conservation and energy generation rather than on mere farm output by weight. It emphasizes optimal and efficient use of soil, water and labor. It questions many of the traditional methods used in agriculture and yet is scientific and experimental in its approach.

Natueco Farming emphasizes 'Neighborhood Resource Enrichment' by 'Additive Regeneration' rather than through dependence on external, commercial inputs. The four relevant aspects of Natueco Farming are as below:

SOIL - Focus on enrichment of soil by recycling the biomass and by establishing a proper energy chain.

ROOTS - Focus on development and maintenance of white root zones of the plant for efficient absorption of nutrients.

CANOPY - Focus on harvesting the sun through proper plant canopy management for efficient photosynthesis.

EXTERNAL RESOURCES - Focus on minimizing the use of external resources including water.

Why would anyone get interested in Natueco?

Natueco is about playfully creating an occupation where learning, living, livelihood and laughter is generated from the same work at the same place. There is just one objective or goal here and that is to live with joy, ease and grace. It is not about working or producing an output. It is also not about producing more for selling to others. In fact it is not at all about producing. It is about living a rich life.

The fundamental belief system in Natueco concept is that it is a science of life and life is all about Energy.

Those who want to learn the art of living, the art of being free and at the same time want to earn their livelihoods with dignity and non violence can only appreciate and make the best of this science. However those who are in the business of farming and are only looking for productivity or profit improvement in their existing farms may get disappointed if they are not ready to change some of their fundamental belief systems about life itself.

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