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Both Dr. N. K. Malpani and Dr. (Mrs.) C. N. Malpani came for small town India. They went on to become successful doctors in Mumbai, but never forgot their roots. They realized that if they wanted to do something for most Indians, they would need to address the needs people in villages. And for most of these people, there was only one thing they knew how to do - farming. Both Drs. Malpani were also early conservationists and environmentalists. They attributed at least part of this to their "Marwari" genes, where wasting anything was considered sinful.... When asked why, as doctors, they didn't do something like a medical center, Dr. Mrs. Malpani said, "Things in this world are mainly driven by money. If a farmer has good health, he still won't necessarily have access to a good livelihood. On the other hand, if he has money, he will be able to buy access to good health. Our first priority needs to be to help income generation in rural areas"
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