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Articles & Resources

(1) Amrut Krushi Book(Hindi)

(2) One Hectare To Prosperity English book

(3) Why Natueco Farming is better than Organic farming

(4) Why Do I Want to Go for Natueco Farming

(5) Why Not Vermicompost

(6) Eco-Economics of a Biomass heap in Natueco science

(7) Energy is Life - Natueco Science

(8) Harnessing the sun's energy for farming using Natueco science

(9) Amrit Mitti Soil Analysis Report

(10) Organic Carbon Content in Amrit Mitti

(11) Nutrition of Bottle Gourd grown through NatuEco VS Market Bottle Gourd

(12) Deepakji Felicitated as Best Environmentalist

(13) One Hectare Feasibility Study (BOOK)

(14) Amrut Krushi (PPT)

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